Getting Started

Getting started with the Q-Band spectrometer SpecMan4EPR

In this section we give a general overview how to operate the Bridge12 Q-Band pulsed EPR spectrometer, which will include the following steps:

  • Loading the sample into the spectrometer
  • Optimizing the microwave pulse parameters
  • Record an echo-detected field sweep EPR experiment
  • Perform a PELDOR/DEER experiment

All experiments were performed on our in-house spectrometer, using a sample of a ruler molecule with a concentration of 100 µM in polystyrene. Experiments were performed at a temperature of 50 K.


These are sample instructions recorded on equipment in our lab. Actual parameters may vary depending on your specific system configuration, sample, or sample temperature.

This documentation was prepared using SpecMan4EPR version 3.6.4. If you use a different version some features are maybe named differently or the layout of some windows has changed.

Preparing SpecMan4EPR

When you first start SpecMan4EPR, the software will make sure it can connect to all devices. Once the initialization routine finishes you will see a window very similar to the one shown in the figure below.


We recommend to open the following windows to operate the spectrometer:

  1. Open the Scope Window and activate the digitizer trace. This will be helpful to see the integration limits for the digitizier.
  2. Open the Pulse Programmer window to show the pulse sequence.
  3. Open the top User Panel, this will give you convenient access to bridge parameters such as the microwave frequency, video amplifier gain, or the microwave phase.
  4. Optionally, open the Log Window. This is helpful to see messages from the SpecMan4EPR software.

Once you opened all these additional panels, the SpecMan4EPR window should look similar to the one shown below.

SpecMan4EPR with additional panels

What’s next?

Inserting a Sample and Adjust the Resonator Coupling

How to insert the sample into the spectrometer

Optimizing the Microwave Pulse Parameters

How to optimize the microwave pulse parameters for PELDOR/DEER experiments

Record a Field Sweep Spectrum

How to record an echo-detected field sweep spectrum

Run a B1 Nutation Experiment

How to run a B1 nutation experiment

Run a PELDOR/DEER Experiment

How to perform a PELDOR/DEER measurement

Shutting Down the Spectrometer

How to shut down the spectrometer once the experiment is finished