The Bridge12 Active Electric Shims (AES) are a 5 channel shim system for electromagnet with a horizontal field. These magnets are typically used in Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) spectroscopy. The five channels or the shims are: Z0 (or B0), Z1, Z2, X, and Y. Each channel can operate at a current of up to 1.5 A.

Parameter Value
Number of channels 5
Maximum current/channel 1.5 A
Spacing 53 mm


Do not exceed a current of (+/-) 1.5 A per channel to avoid permanent damage to the shims.

Shim Interface Pinout

Pin# (sub-D) Shim Connection Pin# (sub-D) Shim Connection
1 Z(B)0 (s) 2 Z(B)0 (r)
3 Z1 (s) 4 Z2 (r)
5 Z2 (s) 6 Z2 (r)
7 X (s) 8 X (r)
9 Y (s) 10 Y (r)
15 GND Shield GND
(GND - Ground, s - supply, r - return)

If you need help at any step of the installation please contact Bridge12 at support@bridge12.com.

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