Warming Up the Magnet

How to warm up the magnet


Please make sure to read the instructions for warming up the magnet carefully. Make sure you don’t have any questions and all required equipment is in place.

If you have additional questions please do not hesitate to reach out to Bridge12 or CRYOGENIC.

Once experiments are finished and the user anticipates some considerable downtown when no experiments are planned the magnet can be warmed up to room temperature. To warm up the magnet:

  1. Make sure the field is at 0 T. This can be verified either in the spectrometer control software or on the front panel of the magnet power supply.
  2. Make sure the spectrometer logger is running and is recording vital data of the system.
  3. To switch off the helium compressor press the off switch located on the back of the device. Once the compressor is switched off, the magnet starts immediately to warm up. It is recommended that the system then be left to attain room temperature naturally which will take approximately 36 - 48 hours.


Do not disconnect the compressor hoses for any reason during the warm-up of the system. The gas in the cryocooler head must be allowed to expand into the reservoir volume located in the compressor.

It is common practice to break the interspace vacuum when required to warm a cryostat more rapidly than would otherwise occur naturally. CRYOGENIC strongly discourages users from venting the vacuum interspace for any reason. The radiation shield may collapse if subject to an appreciable pressure differential (i.e. by opening the cryostat vacuum valve too quickly).

When the user is ready to continue experiments the magnet needs to be cooled down. Please follow the instructions in the Magnet Cooldown Section.

Last modified March 4, 2024: Adding Magnet and iVTI Operations (b0b96c4)