The PTR is not a new device and has been described throughout the scientific literature. Some major references are:

  • Howard, J., W. A. Peebles, and N. C. Luhmann. “The Use of Polarization Transforming Reflectors for Far-Infrared and Millimeter Waves.” International Journal of Infrared and Millimeter Waves 7 (October 1, 1986): 1591–1603.
  • Earle, Keith A., Dmitriy S. Tipikin, and Jack H. Freed. “Far-Infrared Electron-Paramagnetic-Resonance Spectrometer Utilizing a Quasioptical Reflection Bridge.” Review of Scientific Instruments 67 (1996): 2502–13.
  • Amer, N., W. C. Hurlbut, B. J. Norton, Yun-Shik Lee, and T. B. Norris. “Generation of Terahertz Pulses with Arbitrary Elliptical Polarization.” Applied Physics Letters 87, no. 22 (November 28, 2005): 221111.
  • Chuss, David T., Edward J. Wollack, Ross Henry, Howard Hui, Aaron J. Juarez, Megan Krejny, S. Harvey Moseley, and Giles Novak. “Properties of a Variable-Delay Polarization Modulator.” Applied Optics 51, no. 2 (January 10, 2012): 197.

However, when characterizing the PTR developed by Bridge12 Technologies, Inc. we realized that the PTR can also be used as an Universal Polarizer. This properties hasn’t been reported before and was first described in:

  • Chen, Jeson, and Thorsten Maly. “Compact, Tunable Polarization Transforming Reflector for Quasi-Optical Devices Used in Terahertz Science.” Review of Scientific Instruments 93, no. 1 (January 1, 2022): 013102.

If you are using a PTR manufactured by Bridge12, please consider referencing the above publication.

Initial results were presented at the 2018 ENC Conference as a poster contribution by Jeson Chen.

Poster by Jeson Chen and Thorsten Maly, presented at the 2018 ENC

Poster by Jeson Chen and Thorsten Maly, presented at the 2018 ENC

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