Circulator Attachment

Connecting the circulator attachment to the the X-Band IF system.

The Bridge12 X-Band IF does not have an integrated circulator/pre-amplifier, instead an attachment is connected to the side panel of the X-IF system. This attachment will look slightly different for different frequency bands (X-Band, Q-Band, etc.). For some other frequency bands such as S-Band, or W-Band, the circulator is integrated into the frequency extension.

X-Band Circulator

The X-Band circulator attachment is directly connected to the side panel of the X-IF system (see figure above) and is held by two SMA connections. A schematic of the circulator attachment is shown in the figure below.

The circulator attachment has three connectors:

  1. Input: This connector needs to be connected either to the output of the high-power microwave amplifier for pulsed experiments, or to the TX or the LO1 (LO2) output of the X-IF (back panel connector).
  2. Probe: The EPR probe is connected to this connector.
  3. SIG: This is the signal output which is connected to the side panel of the X-IF system. The SMA connector below is only for support and is internally terminated with 50 Ω.