X-Band IF

Bridge12 X-Band IF System for Pulse EPR Spectroscopy

The Bridge12 X-Band IF system is at the heart of all Bridge12 EPR spectrometers. The system is highly modular. For X-Band EPR spectroscopy only a high-power microwave amplifier, digitizer and AWG is required.

The system can be completely controlled using SpecMan4EPR.

X-Band IF Backpanel Connections

Backpanel connections of the X-Band IF system.

Digital Demodulation

How to use digital demodulation with the X-Band IF system.

Example Configurations

Example configurations for different frequency bands.

Manual Operation of the X-Band IF

Required software to install to manually operate the X-Band IF system.

Last modified March 4, 2024: Adding Magnet and iVTI Operations (b0b96c4)