Consumables for Bridge12 EPR probes

Sample Tubes

For EPR spectroscopy we recommend using sample tubes manufactured by SP Wilmad-LabGlass. The following tube sizes can be used with the sample holder:

S/X-Band EPR Spectroscopy

OD Tube Link
2 mm e.g. Wilmad, 721-SQ Weblink
3 mm e.g. Wilmad, 705-PQ Weblink
4 mm e.g. Wilmad, 707-SQ Weblink

Q-Band EPR Spectroscopy

OD Tube Link
1.6 mm e.g. Wilmad, WG-221T-RB Weblink

Other sample tubes can be used too, as long as they fit into the sample holder.


Only use sample tube/capillary sizes that are recommended by Bridge12 Technologies for the particular probe. Using sample tube/capillary that are too big for the probe can result in irreparable damage to the probe, the sample or both.

Other Probe Stick Consumables

Part Description Vendor Vendor Part Number Link
O-Ring (Sample Holder Extension) McMaster 9464K12 (McMaster: 9464K12)
Spring (Sample Holder) McMaster 8969T606 (McMaster: 8969T606)

If you require additional sample holders, or sample holder extensions, please contact Bridge12 at

Last modified February 14, 2023: Updated Sample Stick Description (8525af2)