Brief overview of the Bridge12 sample stick
Sample Stick Assembly

Sample Stick Assembly

The Sample Stick Assembly consists of two parts (see figure above):

  1. The Sample Holder (bottom part of the Sample Stick)
  2. The Sample Holder Extension (top part of the Sample Stick)

In general, the sample capillary (or sample tube) is held (mounted) by the Sample Holder, which is then screwed on to the end of the Sample Holder Extension. The Cap at the end of the Sample Holder Extension can be easily removed to purge the Sample Stick with the cooling gas (e.g. helium or nitrogen) when inserting the Sample Stick into the probe. An o-ring will seal the Sample Stick. The entire Sample Stick is hollow to accommodate an optical fiber or electrical wires if desired.

The Sample Stick can be used for variety of sample tubes with different outer diameters up to 4 mm. For larger sample sizes up to 5 mm or smaller capillaries a custom modified sampler holder is required. Please contact Bridge12 at info@bridge12.com if you would like to request a customized Sample Holder.

For cold or cryogenic storage, the Sampler Holder with the sample capillary can be unscrewed from the Sampler Holder Extension to be stored separately.

Last modified February 17, 2023: Updated sample stick description (b99d6f5)