Sample Stick (EPR)

Online documentation of the Sample Stick used for all Bridge12 EPR probes

The Sample Stick described in this section is used for most Bridge12 EPR probes (and some DNP probes).


Please, first make yourself familiar with the documentation of the Sample Stick before attempting to load a sample into the probe. All Bridge12 probes come with a standard sample (typically BDPA in polystyrene) to test the probe at room temperature. This is also a great sample to get familiar with the Sample Stick.

New Sample Holder (Spring 2023)

Starting 2023, all Bridge12 EPR probes are shipped with an updated version of the sample holder. If the description provided here does not exactly match the sample holder you have and you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to Bridge12 at and inquire about specific instructions for your sample holder.


Brief overview of the Bridge12 sample stick

Sample Stick

The Bridge12 sample stick assembly

Inserting and Changing a Sample

How to insert and change a sample

Recommended Sample Amount and Position

Recommended sample amount and position for optimum performance


Consumables for Bridge12 EPR probes

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