Recommended Sample Amount and Position

Recommended sample amount and position for optimum performance


Please check the recommended sample amount/height and position for the resonator you are planning to use. Each resonator will have its own optimum sample height. If you don’t find your particular resonator model in the list below, please contact Bridge12 at

Sample Amount and Position

When preparing a sample and mounting it in the Sampler Holder to factors are important to consider:

  • Sample Height: The sample height depends on the active volume of the resonator and is specific to the resonator model.
  • Distance to Sample Center: For the majority of Bridge12 resonators, the distance to sample center is 1 in. (25.4 mm). The distance may differ for some older resonator models. If you are not sure about the distance please contact Bridge12 at

Sample Amounts and Position

Sample Tube OD Recommended
Sample Height (mm)
Distance to
Sample Center
QLP 1.6 mm > 5 mm
(4.8 μl sample volume)
25.4 mm(1)

(1) Early prototype versions of the QLP resonator use 12 mm as the distance to sample center.

Last modified February 17, 2023: Updated sample stick description (b99d6f5)