Sample Stick

The Bridge12 sample stick assembly
Sample Stick Assembly

Sample Stick Assembly

The complete sample stick assembly is shown in the figure about. The sample tube is mounted in the Sample Holder. The entire assembly is designed to easily insert the sample into the probe at any operating temperatures.

Sample Holder

Sample Holder Parts

Sample Holder Parts

In addition to the sample tube the Sample Holder assembly consists of four different parts:

  1. Sample Holder Tip
  2. Collar
  3. Spring (McMaster: 8969T606)
  4. Sample Holder Top

Sample Holder Tip and Top

To accomodate different samples tube diameters, the Sample Holder comes with a set of different Sample Holder Tips and Sample Holder Tops.

Sample Holder Parts

Sample Holder Parts

Two different sizes for the Sample Holder Top are included. Use the smaller Sample Holder Top (left side, figure above) size for sample tube with an OD of < 4.0 mm. For sample tube sizes of 4.0 mm and larger use the Sample Holder Top with the larger bore size (right side, figure above).

The Sample Holder Tip comes in sizes between 1.6 mm and 5 mm. Use the correct tip size according to the sample tube diameter.


Each sample tube and Sample Holder Tip show variations of the ID and OD. We recommend, test-fitting the capillary to the Sample Holder Tip before loading the sample into the capillary.

Sample Holder Extension

Sample Holder Parts

Sample Holder Parts

The Sample Holder Extension (shown above) consists of 3 different parts:

  1. The cap
  2. An o-ring (McMaster: 9464K12)
  3. G10/Stainless Steel extension rod.

The Cap of the sample stick can be unscrewed to vent the insight of the Sample Holder Extension when operating the probe at low temperatures. An o-ring is used to seal the top of the extension.

By default and if not otherwise specified at the time of ordering the probe, the probe will be delivered with a closed Cap. However, to feed electrical wires or an optical fiber to the sample, the Cap can be replaced with one that has a center hole. For more information contact Bridge12 at

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