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Probe Specifications

QLP Probe Description

Probe Specifications

General probe specifications:

Parameter Value
Resonator Frequency (empty) 36 GHz
Resoantor Frequency (with sample capillary) 34 GHz
Microwave Conversion Factor (critically coupled) > 12 G/sqrt(W)
Bandwidth (critcially coupled) Q ~ 300 - 400
(85 - 113 MHz)
Microwave Conversion Factor (overcoupled) > 5 G/sqrt(W)
Bandwidth (critcially coupled) Q < 85
(> 400 MHz)
Operating Temperature 4 K to RT

Sample Access

Currently, the Bridge12 QLP is only available for samples with an OD of up to 1.6 mm.

Resonator Model Description
QLP-1.6 Resonator height: 4 mm
Maximum Sample OD: 1.6 mm
QLP-2.5 * Resonator height: 4 mm
Maximum Sample OD: 2.5 mm

* Resonator currently under development. Please contact if you are interested in this specific resonator model.

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